Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chilly but pretty day!

Here are some of the sky shots that my wife took when we went to Raccoon Park last Mother's day.

It was a little chilly that day but we had so much fun!

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Rossel said...

wonderful! these are ones of your best shots.

Mel_Cole said...

I love sky photos. In fact we have so much in our computer folder and didn't have time to upload it. I like the photos you took, breath taking :)Regards to your wife :)

Grace said...

Your wife sure have the hand of a fine photographer. I love the pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

green trees & blue skies... niiice!

happy swf

Gunsside said...

Looks like a beautiful day, lovely colors :)

Kim, USA said...

Beautiful! Like wandering the woods it's great! Happy weekend!

SWF~Natures Abound

Sylvia K said...

Fantastic photos! I love the feeling of looking up through the trees! Breathtaking indeed! Have a great weekend!


Kcalpesh said...

The Park really looks like one wonderful place to chill out! Nice photos!!

Pixellicious Photos

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