Friday, May 21, 2010

Let's Laugh and Win!

Hey there everyone, I am just republishing this funny entry to the recently concluded contest at Certified Pinoy Blogger. The entry below that I've submitted won a third prize. Thanks to Makoy for hosting this contest and for the sponsors!

I first read this blog when my wife left the screen open one day with Makoy's blog on it. The post that she was reading was about the new show that will be shown to Philippine TV which is originally being showed to other country. I find it very funny that he could find humor in it as I feel the same way about the matter.

Election is pretty much in time going on here in the States and in the Philippines so I am choosing the Loren Legarda is so Fake in Harapan VP Debate as my official entry to Makoy's Blog Contest. I chose this entry because I find it funny how a politician like her could run for a Vice President ticket if she opted to be on the side of the corrupt people. This is pretty much happening not only in the Philippine government but here as well. So it's the reality!

With that being said, it's time to move on to my Let's Laugh and Win entry.

For the past twenty years, I've worked as an electronics technician. Due to the fact that I worked on radar and communications gear, it was inevitable that I would end up in harms way from time to time. I don't mean being shocked, even though I have been many times. I mean being radiated with high-powered antennas. There are many health risks associated with being radiated and one of those is sterility. I had heard numerous horror stories about other technicians that could only father girls and some that were completely sterile from this type of hazard. At the time, I had been working with this equipment for about six years and I really wanted to know if I had been affected by any of these harmful rays over that time. I asked my doctor if I could have a semen analysis done to determine if my swimmers were still intact. He gave me a referral and I was sent to the Naval Hospital for lab work.

When I arrived at the lab, I approached the front desk to sign in. There were several people in the waiting room waiting for lab work so I figured it would take some time before I would be called upon to do the deed. This was not the case, as I soon found out. The lab tech pulled up my file on the computer and said "Here you go" and handed me a bottle. He then directed me to go into the men's room, put a sample in the bottle, and then return it to him. I took the bottle and went to the men's room. It was a very large restroom with guys going in and out frequently. I wasn't able to perform because of all of the distractions so I went back to the front desk and told the lab tech that I needed more privacy. He said, "No problem, we have a private restroom around the corner that you can use". I proceeded to the private restroom and provided my sample as directed. When I returned to the counter and placed the bottle on the counter, as directed, the lab tech looked up at me and then at the bottle and said, "What is that? All I needed was a urine sample".

For a brief moment, time stood still. Every eye in that waiting room was focused on me and my dilemma. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone or something. Then suddenly, the lab tech said, "It's okay man, I'm just kidding, you did good". I was so relieved but still a little embarrassed. After he ran the tests and told me that I was good to go, I was happy and actually got a laugh out of the whole ordeal.

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Makoy said...

Congratulations, you're one of the winners of Humor Me Makoy Contest. :)

EJ said...

Hey man, thanks a lot!

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