Friday, May 21, 2010

Just Wondering

I like it that we have our fence up because we can just let the dogs out every morning without us guarding them outside. Our son is an early riser, he is always the one that wakes early among the four of us. When we let the dogs out, he goes out with them. Well this morning, I looked out and see him just sitting in his playset and looking around. I am wondering what he is thinking about..

Sorry guys if I am not around in your blog to much, we are pretty busy with our projects at home. I am actually beat right now from the 6 hours that we spent outside today painting the stain on the fence.. My Ruby Tuesday entry is the bird's feeder on the crab apple tree.

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Mel Alarilla said...

It was really labor intensive because you used wooden fence instead of the easier to install and more economical steel wire mesh fence. I think you also want privacy when you put up the fence since in a wire mesh, you are very visible on the outside. Rest your tired souls from the physically straining work you did with your fence. You can always catch up with your normal blog hopping activities. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Unknown said...

Good job on your fence guys its really good and your finished it quick.

Dhemz said...

your hard work paid off John....congrats to you and sis guys did a great job!

Jim said...

That fence can do double duty, can't it? I'm glad your son can find a spot in there. He can almost see over the fence. The fence looks nice. People don't stain them around here.

Happy RT! Does the (red) bird keep the birds away from the apples? I like eating those green crab apples.

anemonen said...

I suppose it will be lovely when it´s ready. One can´t miss the red bird house.

A 2 Z said...

I enjoyed watching the slide show. That trip looked like so much fun. Thanks for sharing.


D.L. Verzosa said...

that seems to be a good thing... :) "the early bird always, always gets the worm."

Mel_Cole said...

awww, so cute, your little guy must've just felt his own territory in this picture. The fence does mark ones territory. lols, the bird feeder is cute.

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