Monday, June 23, 2014

Less Stress in 3 Easy Ways

It's the end of the year and you've probably got a lot on your mind - deadlines, holiday demands and extra expenses. Control your stress with the following A's. These are suggested by the American Heart Association:

1. Avoid it. Manage your schedule, your to do list, even your social life to avoid stressor as much as possible.
- Avoid Rushing... avoid negative people and influences... avoid the dessert table.

2. Alter it. when you alter your stressor, you're taking control to turn stressful situations around.
- Take co-worker conflict for example. Talking through the problem can alter the stressor and improve the situation. Demanding week coming up? At home and at work, prioritize your to do list and see what small task you can delegate to others to lighten the load

3. Adapt to it. often the best option is to adapt to the stressor.
- In other words, change your reaction to it. After all, stress is rooted in your reaction to situations. These are the best ways to adapt.
  • Find the positive side of the situation
  • prepare or rehearse for stressful events
  • Exercise to relax your body and mind.
  • Practice relaxation techniques to ease stress
  • view change as an opportunity for growth.
My easy ways in avoiding stress is listening to music, working out, and  taking photos especially outdoors.

13 Smart Readers SAID::

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Oh Joops, thank you for reminding us all these simple trues!

richard said...

Thanks for this...I see if can do this...

Umma said...

Nice post here joops.. I just read your post you were teaching pala once in a while.. That's good to hear that.

Anonymous said...

Never has life been so stressful, it was bad enough before this financial crisis.
I think the best way to relieve stress is to open a window and scream. If we all do this there is less chance of all of us being hauled off to the nearest Bedlam.
To-do lists are all very well but it takes a quiet moment to think straight and most stressed people are short of time [or at least they perceive that they are]

have a scream, take a deep breath, let it out slowly and remember this Mantra...'It won't matter in fifty years'.

EJ said...

Good ideas Moannie. I am usually very good at handling stress. The nature of my job requires that I'm able to deal with stress and perform at peak. Often times, it isn't direct stress that gets to me, it's the indirect stress that I hear my coworkers are suffering from that gets to me. I always try to alleviate their stress (and thus alleviating mine) by 10 years, who will care about this or even remember.

EJ said...

Thanks for the compliments Umma. It's always a pleasure reading your posts.

EJ said...

Anything can be accomplished Richard if you have Focus and Discipline. Thanks for the post.

EJ said...

Thanks for the comment Phivos. Isn't it funny how, in these days, we let things that have very little substance, stress us out? Instead we should focus on the "Important Stuff" like health, family, and friends. Simple trues indeed.

Anonymous said...

Nice Blog... with nice contents... :D. Learn to handle stress as you said, thxs Joops.

Jasmine said...

Easier said than done Joops! :P
Thank you.
With the holiday season coming up, everyone needs to be reminded of this.

EJ said...

Hi Xitalho, thanks for the compliment.

EJ said...

It could be done easier if you put your mind to it Jasmine.. Thanks for the visit!

Dhemz said...

interesting post you have here joops! glad just only 3 ways...hehehhe!

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