Friday, January 9, 2015

Why You Should Start Blogging if you Don't Already

It might come to shock you that most ecommerce websites do not have a business blog. Whereas there are several sources asserting as to why a business should have a blog, quite a few have been targeted at the e-commerce sites.

Business blogs do much for increasing online traffic to general website platforms. They also have various other benefits specific to e-commerce sites. However, what’s better even is that since several e-commerce sites are not taking advantage of having business blog, this may be one aspect setting your site apart from the rest.
The below are just a few of the reasons why blogs are important for eCommerce.

Blogs are vital for SEO in getting your content crawled
Through content and links, search engine “crawlers” may reach billions of interconnected documents. Since blogs regularly contain specific phrasing, links, and content that’s related to your e-commerce site, making it easier for search engine bots to classify and rank your site. This will translate to better rankings in Google searches.

Informing your Reader
A blog is an excellent way to help visitors gain more insight as to what your products or services are all about. To gain more following for the blog, you should produce quality content offering valuable information. The readers will keep coming for more, and the more they come, the more they know about your product.

Begin or Reply to a Discussion about Popular Questions
When trying to write content, look at the previous comments on the other posts, or look to the social media accounts and try answering a question that a customer or follower is having. This demonstrates that you care about your readers. Asking questions is an ideal way of creating an ongoing dialog. This creates a personal relationship between you and your customers, and people normally shop and buy goods from businessmen who personally connect with them and make their clients a priority.

Share a Relatable Story or an Experience
When writing a post, and you sharing a personal anecdote, client story, or other experience, make sure it’s in your opening paragraph. This draws readers to what you want to say, and shows that you are an expert on this topic. Emotional connections play a large role in any business that exists, even more so online as you have a short time to make the connection with your customer. Give them a reason they should ignore the back button.

When internet users buy services and goods online, they normally care about who they are buying from. Thus, a business blog helps in indicating that your e-commerce site values the interest and the needs of customers. It establishes credibility, provides valuable information, have your site ranked higher in search engines. Blogging is going to set your eCommerce site apart from other businesses, and with time, it will build content that will be valuable to your business and the customers.

Edrick Hypolite is a blogger with a focus on tech and internet business. He writes in order to help aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs improve their sites and hopefully be more successful in the future. For those who have set up their site and just need a secure checkout process, he highly recommends third party providers like FastSpring. You can learn more about Edrick on Google+.

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