Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Man Cave? How About Something for the Ladies?

These days, the concept of a "man cave" is practically ubiquitous, but for some reason, there is less awareness about the female equivalent – the lady haven. Women can benefit just as much as men from having a space in the home specifically designed for their tastes, interests, and comfort. Three simple steps can help get you started on designing your lady cave.
Step One: Claim a Space

Recognizing the importance of creating space for yourself is crucial. Every woman can benefit greatly from having a place to unwind and temporarily disconnect from the busy world of kids, work, and a constantly full email inbox. Once you have made the decision to make a room or area of the home your own private space, you are well on your way towards the lady haven goal.

Step Two: Make it Yours

Assess the space you have designated as your future lady haven. Its size, natural light, and other features can help you determine how best to decorate and furnish it. It may also be a helpful exercise to envision yourself occupying the finished room – how do you hope to use it? Will it be a calm and quiet space, or one suited to loud music and impromptu dance parties?

Step Three: Enjoy

Once complete, your lady haven may just be your new favorite place in the world. The space can insulate you from the stress of the outside world and serve as a platform for pursuing you hobbies. It is also worth noting that your lady lair can be an ongoing project, ever changing to meet your whims or new interests. What is important is that you have begun the process, and have thus invested in your own comfort and wellbeing.

Your Sanctuary

Whether your idea of bliss is curling up with a book, having your girlfriends over or stretching out on a yoga mat, having a space in your home in which to relax is vitally important. Designing a lady haven can be an exciting opportunity to create a space that is truly yours, and which lends itself specifically to your comfort and entertainment.

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