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Relaxed Chevron Throw - Dot & Bo Review

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During the Thanksgiving break, hubby and I have been busy at home.  I put him to work with the new  curtain rods that we snagged on sale.  

 We bought the oil-rubbed bronze decorative rod set by Kirsch.  It was originally priced at $22 but we got it for $5.99, the day after the Black Friday  sale.
For the past couple of days, I have been working on some projects, HAND-SEWN throw pillow cases.  It's funny that I have three  electric sewing machine here but none of them seem to work so I just sewn them with my hands.  
 Our throw pillows  have  the same  color as the love seat and couch when we bought them.  So I thought of adding some colors to our living room.  I found these beautiful fabrics at one of our old sewing machine cabinet so I made them into pillow cases.  
BLUE by the way is the family's favorite color! ABC Wednesday
I thought the pattern of this light blue printed  fabric goes really good with our painting on the wall.   
I also bought two mink throws on sale to keep us warm when we watch our favorite shows on TV.

I LOVE the new addition, another splash of color to our living room, the Relaxed Chevron Throw   that Dot & Bo sent me for review.  You can buy this on sale for $49.99 with a 40% discount from the original price of $83.
This throw gives you a bold pallete of color without sacrificing the cozy feeling.  I love that it somehow ties with  the color of our couch and love seat.  This is  made from 100% cotton from India so it is so soft and very cozy  for snuggling.
Just look at this  little lady of mine who is always feeling cold.  She just love this  soft throw.
 Even our dog, Bolt wanted to snuggle in it too but he isn't allowed lol.  Sorry buddy, this isn't for you but  I might buy you a new cushion if you behave hehehe.
Now my living room doesn't look so dark anymore because of the new splashes of color that I added.  It's not the best living room  set up you'll ever see but it's good enough for us to stay warm on this freezing  weather.  Interior decorating is not my cup of tea but I  try my best to make our home a bit presentable.  
Thanks a lot Dot & Bo for the beautiful Christmas present!  If you are looking for  unique home decor and products, Dot & Bo is the place to go.  I love everything that they have!
As I have said, I am no expert when it comes to decorating so rearranging is frequent.  Any  expertise that you may have in decorating or how to properly put stuff  is quite welcome through the comment.  

19 Smart Readers SAID::

Jessica Cassidy said...

You are so talented and skillful Sis R. They turned out very colorful and beautiful too. Great job.

Sherryl Mae Vallejo said...

For me, you have just decorated your living room in such a way that it will give comfort to your family. Seeing your living room gives happiness and a true picture of home so I can say, you did well :)

Lynndee said...

It certainly looks like a cozy throw. I like the color, very festive.

Caitlin Stevens said...

I love Chevron! And your home is absolutely Beautiful!

Growing Up Madison said...

OK I have no idea when it comes to decorating either. I usually buy magazines and use their ideas for inspiration. You did a great job decorating though.

Ashley Gill said...

I love what you've done in this room with the colors! The Chevron pattern is so cute! It's a great fit!

Ria C said...

The house looks so cozy and the tree is so pretty! I like the chevron printed throw on your sofa. It adds warmth and personality on your living room.

Ria C said...

I really like that chevron throw rug. It adds character on your living room set. :)

Maria Teresa Figuerres said...

I'm sure it feels really warm and cozy inside that Chevron throw blanket. I love the color, too!

jheylo said...

Your living room looks very cozy. I love the color combination of your curtains too :) a fun are for family bonding.

Anna said...

Those are comfy-looking throw pillows, and their designs are elegant too. Perfect for naps and sitting while watching TV.

Meoww said...

Makes your room look warm and cozy! I love the pillow covers you have sewn. Very pretty blue!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Your living room is comfy cozy. The best style to have. Very nice pillows, too.
The View from the Top of the Ladder

Joy said...

By coincidence my friend has just put up some new curtain rails after redecorating, spooky. Love your cushions and who can resist a cosy throw.

Roger Owen Green said...

they do look nice

Trubes said...

I really love the colour BLUE, it is my favourite, particularly cornflower BLUE.
I love all the Blue cushions and the curtains,,,,BEAUTIFUL !

Best Wishes,
ABCW team.

Amrita Sabat said...

I love the cozy way U've made up ur home! :D

doodles n daydreams said...

Love the cushions and the throws.


dorry lyn said...

i do love blue. . . .

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