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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Family is a Little World Created by Love

These are the photo coasters that my son gave me for Christmas.  I  put photos in them and placed it at our coffee table.  
 He was very proud that he found such nice  item for  a very affordable price..
 My daughter on the other hand got me these tea light set.  I love it since we do light candles  often.
 Then a friend of mine  sent me this candle holder  with a  decorated glass  that say "Family is a little world created by love".  For some reason, this became my son's favorite saying.
 These are my treasured gifts last Christmas!

It's great to  know that my kids are learning from their Mama, that gifts   doesn't have to be extravagant.  As long as it comes from your heart, that's all that matters.  Thanks sis Dhemz and Burritos!

12 Smart Readers SAID::

Lynndee said...

I couldn't agree more with's the thought that counts, right? Nice gifts and I love that saying. First time to have read that and I think it's going to be one of my faves too. :)

Mhie said...

That tea light set is a winner. I love candles and I have a huge collection- Thanks to my MIL.

MikiHope said...

Those were wonderful gifts to receive. And you are very correct--it is what is in the heart of the giver that really counts!

Jessica Cassidy said...

Those are beautiful gifts Sis R :-) I so love the coaster so much.

Sherrie Bama said...

Very nice Christmas presents. They look so pretty on the table. Great gifts.

Raquel said...

Nothing can bit those flower candle holders. Love the colors.

papaleng said...

Great gifts to treasure. How thoughtful naman ng son mo.

Eileen said...

Your kids are so thoughtful! My kids "gifts" for me are simple stuff that they know I like - cake, ice cream, beer, and popcorn. :) As you said, as long as it comes from the heart, that's all that matters.

Marie said...

Aww. Your kids are so thoughtful naman. Those tea lights looks really nice :)

Maria Teresa Figuerres said...

Your kids surely know how to make their Momma happy, that is, by giving gifts that come from the heart. I bet your Christmas was joyous, too!

Mhie said...

Your kids are so sweet for getting you a nice gifts. I agree with what you said.

Pinay Mommy Online said...

Wow! This is indeed an awesome momento from your kids. They are so sweet. Just precious!

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