Saturday, December 20, 2014

Making Simple Christmas Decors at Home

I have been busy  tinkering  here at home with small  things that we have collected over the years.  I am recycling empty containers into simple Christmas decorations using the  pretty little things that my kinds have found during our walks or small things that they got as  gifts.  First up are the small tree jars that was given to the kids by the homeroom Moms last year.  They were filled with chocolates.  Now that they are empty, I filled it with the small figurines that we have.
 My son  collected these baby pine cones last summer during one of our walks so I thought of using it to fill the  tree jar, it made him happy that I used his collection.
The card that says "God's love is the Heart of Christmas" was given away by the second grade homeroom moms this year so I out it  by the nativity  scene figurine.  
 It is now sitting in our little  corner nook that the kids have initially decorated.

I filled the other tree jar with  sweets  (tree cane and  small candy canes).  The kids received these sweets last year but they never really ate them so  these would serve as decorations from now on.
 Ain't that cute?
 Another thing that I tinkered is this empty  candle jar.  I put two of the baby cones that daughter and I painted and a one holly  branch.
 The small pine branches are also  from my   son's  nature collection.  They are real  pine leaves that he dried out so they smelled good.
I don't really decorate for any other holidays but I make sure to decorate on Christmas.  If you are tired of putting up  the same decor every year, you can alter them.  Make something new out of something old.  Pink Saturday

3 Smart Readers SAID::

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Small things with small shadows can have a big impact!

Shadowy Cross

Laura Quaglia (Fun With This and That) said...

It is fun to find small things and easy to pack away too

Unknown said...

What sweet crafting ideas! I love crafting with the small found things, too!
Happy Pink Saturday,

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