Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tinkering Wreath and Empty Jars

Our wreath in the front door is just  adorned with poinsettia flowers so I borrowed Ms. Burrito's  hot glue gun and  put some Christmas balls in it to add some colors.   
 I am in so much pain  due to menstrual cramp so I thought of tinkering this wreath just to forget the pain for a while and it worked!
I also have these empty  candle jars so I thought Christmas balls would look great inside it.  
 My daughter said that it would look great if there is a led light inside which I agree.  For now, the balls is alright.  I will look for  some led lights when we go to the store and put one in each jar.
 So there you go, our weekend project is tinkering. How about you, what's  consuming your weekend?

3 Smart Readers SAID::

Dhemz said...

I love the empty candle jars idea...really neat!

Eileen said...

The poinsettias are lovely on that wreath! I love your little nativity scene too. You really got your creative juices flowing here, sis! Good job!

Mhie said...

Wow! You're crafty sis.I agree with your daughter, she has a keen eye of how things stand up. it My daughter is crafty too so I ended up doing it. This year I did not do anything as I was busy helping out in her school crafts.

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