Thursday, December 11, 2014

Travel During Pregnancy

This photo was taken  before my first flight going out of the country took place.  My Mom was  very sad on that day because  we never knew when we will see each other again.  I was seven months pregnant when I flew out the Philippines.  Before I left though, I had to secure a certification from my  OB GYNe in the Philippines that I am safe to travel.  She also gave me a medicine which would help me and the baby while traveling.  

We know many pregnant women who are afraid to travel during pregnancy. If you love to travel, don’t think you can’t enjoy that anymore when you’re pregnant. say that the most ideal trimester to travel is during the second trimester. Second trimester is ideal because, most pregnant women no longer suffer from nausea and morning sickness during this time, nor are you too big to be uncomfortable, especially during the rigors of air travel. Also, you don’t want to suddenly be in labor while travelling when you travel during your third trimester when you’re also more easily fatigued. 

 Always be cautious and seek advice from your OB Gyn about your plan of travelling. As long as there are no pregnancy complications, it is generally safe to travel. With your doctor’s blessing and your smart preparation, there’s no reason to sit home. Take advantage of your wanderlust now, before bringing baby home!

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