Saturday, December 6, 2014

Looking Like Christmas at Home

In three weeks, Christmas is here. Family and friends enjoy this kind of gathering catching up with each other of what's going on. Children get to see most of the family members and enjoy chasing and playing with each other. Our kids always anticipates for this kind of occasion.

I am grateful that we had  a long weekend  for the Thanksgiving because it gave us time to  decorate the house for Christmas.  I hold off in decorating early this year because hubby  wants it after Thanksgiving so that's what we did.
Our decor is nothing fancy but it's good enough to convey the spirit of Christmas.  
My kids were in-charged on decorating  our rotating Christmas tree. 
I love this fiber optic tree that Dad gave to the kids.  
The kids are also in-charge in decorating their book case.  
My SIL gave me some  pine cones few years ago so daughter and I painted them and out some glitters to it.  They make great Christmas decor in my opinion.  
Some new addition to our decor this year.  I got this from a garage sale for free.  The  woman selling it gave it  for free along with other stuff to my kids.  She said that since my kids were so good that she just gave  most of  the stuff we got for free.
The tin snowmen  are so cute.  What  caught my attention in getting them in the first place is the fact that they are  made oin the Philippines which somehow reminds me of my family back home.  

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Dhemz said...

looks festive....namamasko po!

mhie said...

Wow! looks so festive and ready for the Christmas,sis. My husband put up the Christmas Tree last Sunday haven't time to post yet.

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