Sunday, March 1, 2009


Howdy guys, I just came back from Japan and I don't feel good at all. I got sick there and I am trying to get well for our upcoming trip. I must say that even if I got sick, I have learned a lot of things that can help me and my family when I got out of the service. So that's it for now fellas, have a nice weekend and thanks for dropping by my boat.

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amiable amy said...

get well soon my friend....was here visiting

Weng Forsgren said...

welcome home Joops, and get well soon.
Good to know that even you was in Japan, you could able to write entries here. That means you didn't missed anythng in the world of blogging hehe.

happy trip to all of you,take care..

richard said...

Hi Joops, it's good to be back right? Get well soon...

Keep on smiling...

Clarissa said...

Welcome back,Mr.Joops!! Get well soon and have a nice trip to the Philippines!!Super busy eh?

Have a nice day!^_^

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