Friday, March 27, 2009

Grammar Quirks

My wife and I are having fun with our 3 year old daughter's grammar issues. At times, she will use incorrect tense when explaining things to us. We always correct her in a manner that is positive and fun. We want to encourage her to experiment and learn, so we are careful not to offend her or embarass her in any way. She sometimes says, "I hurted my arm" or " I buyed" instead of bought. I find it amazing, just how rapid the learning process is with children. The more something relates to survival, the faster they learn it. It is awesome how they utilize natural prioritization. Have you experienced the same with your toddler?
According to, this pattern of learning is normal.Verbal dexterity is one thing, but grammatical perfection is something else entirely. Three-year-olds make many classic speech errors, one of the most common being tripping up on the past tense. You'll hear them saying, "I goed" or "I wented." Patience and a sense of humor are the best response to these mistakes, which are actually rooted in a funny kind of logic.

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the donG said...

those are really cute experiences. i agree that it's normal.

Elizabeth said...

my kids have so much of them! like Flied instead of flew. but I correct them too but in a kind way. Hahaha! thanks for sharing this, at least eventhough we're here in the Phils and you're there, I know that kids have the same experience at times! :)

Cecile said...

funny but true. have same experienced with my son, and yes, need to correct them in a positive and loving ways :-)

sunny said...

my quick visit for today mi amigo! take care! stuttering and stammering and other speech probs are normal to kiddoes,patience is the key! take care my friend!

rummuser said...

This is the best part of bringing up children when language and its importance is impressed on them. Enjoy it while you can. Soon enough, they will be correcting your language to fit into modern idiom.

Margaret Cloud said...

She is so beautiful, and I would not worry about her pronouncing things different, she will out grow this, my son did. My son when he wanted a drink of water would say "I want drink of wado", I thought it was cute and I missed it when he finally said water.

Clarissa said...

same here with my kids,too!!Japanese mostly pronounced L as R.I'm teaching them in english,too and when I say TV,they say terebi or shall I say when I sing to them:la,la,la,la,la they say:ra,ra,ra,ra,ra!! ^_^

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