Saturday, March 28, 2009

Series of food that can make you slim - salad

My daughter Rylie really love vegetable salad. I remember when my wife is getting ready to move in the States with me, she is worried that she won't be able to eat salad in front of my family because she wasn't use to it. But I was surprise because she actually love eating vegetable salad now. Okay guys, this is the last part of the food series that can make you slim. I do hope that you get as much as information to these posts.

When most people think of dieting, they think of salad. But if that means some sad greens topped with unripe tomatoes, it's no wonder diets don't work. "Salads are a great opportunity to add a lot of filling foods into your diet at one time: fresh vegetables, lean protein, beans and healthy fats," says Dr. Rolls. And research backs it up. A study from Penn State University found that women who ate a salad before a pasta lunch ate fewer calories for the whole meal than those just digging into the pasta.

TIP: Start your salad with mesclun, arugula or spinach. Not only are these greens tastier than iceberg, they also contain more iron, calcium, vitamin C and folate.

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Anonymous said...

Joops, I wonder if you have been reading my posts on food! Quite the opposite almost of what you are trying to achieve here. More in a lighter vein though. Good work, do keep it up. I visit though I do not comment.

sunny said...

hopped here buddy! take care

Clarissa said...

salad, salad and more salad!! I'm glad we have them in our meals!! They're making us healthy!

Hope you and the family is well!Regards!^_^

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Very informative post Joops. Is Rose still in the Philippines? God bless you always.

amiable amy said...

i just love tomato lately...and i like my craving for it....i just dip it into soy sauce and im good

Lily said...

very interesting blog!
and a great idea to let other people know about that.
perhaps you might also be interested in one of my blogs:
greetings from scandinavia, sarah sofia

Icyents said...

agree that is the food that our body needs :-)

gas57 said...

Just found out my health is bad, need to eat more salad and fruit! Change of life style.

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