Sunday, January 31, 2016

A House Near Cemetery

My husband is  determined to find us a property that is bigger than what we have now so everyday, he browsed all the properties that are for sale around the area.  He saw this property online, it is located in  Burgetstwan area in PA.  He got an appointment for us to look at it  and so we went, we arrived there first and when we pulled in the driveway, we saw the cemetery beside it.  I told him that we don't need to see the house anymore because  I am not interested anymore lol.
 The house was renovated inside but I don't like the fact that is beside the cemetery.
 But anyhow, we told the agent that we  wont be loking at this one anymore.  We proceeded to look at the other one that we are  also scheduled to see.
 I love driving out there  where lands are huge and you see farm land and animals.
 I wouldn't mind living in a farm.
 Today, we submitted an offer to a house near us.  IT has four bedrooms and three baths.  We  liked the hosue because it is in our neighborhood and it has two car garage.  IT doesn't have a big yard and the kitchen is a little bit small but we love the fact that it has bg bedrooms.  One thing that we see as an obstacle is that, it doesn't have a central air.  So I told my husband to bid a little lower than the asking price because wqe have to put  into consideration the fact that we have to incur  an extra  cost for the airconditioning unit.
The agent got back to us today and told us that the owner turned down our offer because somebody offer the  full asking price.  My husband is disappointed  because he told me that we should offer the full asking price  since we liked the house but I didn't agree.  We lost the bid but I am not worried about it  although I am alittle bummed out also because I really like the house.  I am just concerned  of the cost.  

3 Smart Readers SAID::

Nova said...

In time comes, you guys will definitely fine the right house for you.

Elizabeth O. said...

I don't want to live beside a cemetery either. That's just too creepy! It's okay if you didn't get the house, that just means you have yet to find the perfect one!

Maria Teresa Figuerres said...

Awww! Too bad, you lost the bid. There must be something better out there for your family.

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