Thursday, January 14, 2016

Androidify YOurself #Doodle4Google

One of the may  neat thinbgs that my daughter got to do  during the Doodle4Google  in 2014 was designing a  bag.  They call this activity Androidify Yourself.  They pick  a design and the machine prints it for them.  They get to keep the bag as souvenier.

Our son loved this booth.  He get to play without  paying and  he wins every time lol.
 Google  filled it with merchandise like  caps and  sun glasses with google word or logo in it.
 It's been two years but I just now  trying to post those photos I took during the event.  One day, I will be able to post everything , I know  will get there lol.  Doodle4Google was a ot of fun!

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mizztraveller said...

You are lucky ^ ^.
GOD bless

Diane said...

It looks like fun :-))) Diane

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