Friday, January 29, 2016

Property with a Huge Land

Last Friday, my husband and I  drove by  a property that we saw for sale.  The house comes  with an 8 acre  land and we thought it was worth seeing.  We love the  view where the property is and the   the house going there are huge as well.  
 We like how it looked on the outside so we set an appointment to view it.
 Today, we went and see  the house.  It was a disappointment because it wasn't maintained well.  They have animals so it was  kind of filthy inside.  I like the layout but I couldn't pass the fact that it was not clean.
 Aside from a huge land, the house also comes with a 6 car garage whom the owner  set up as a gym.  They have so many  gym equipments out there.
 I love that it was at the end of the street.
 It's a property that you  will be tempted to make an offer especially that they just reduced the price from 198k to 165k, that's a huge drop on the price.
 We found out that the owner has a cancer which explains why  they reduced the price dramatically.
 We  viewed quite a few houses already around the area and every time, I have  a different feeling when we are touring the house.  That house that we viewed, I felt very sad.
 Here's another thing  that I liked about the property, wild animals comes to the yard.
 This is the kind of surroundings I want  for my home.  Unfortunately when you have kids, you have to think about them first.
 If we ever buy this place, that would mean a far drive for us  for our kids to go to school and with me very scared to drive, that is a huge problem.
 But anyhow, we abandoned the  thought of considering this one after we saw the house.
 It was a nice  little drive for hubby and I though.
 We also viewed a property near our house today.  It's a huge house we love and the price is not that bad.  It has a two car garage and the bedrooms are humongous.  It's  a little newer than our home although it seems old because the owner is old.  It needs an update but I think we are going to make an offer on it.
 We will be meeting with the agent  this Sunday and put our offer in.  If our offer get accepted, my dream of  having a fat=rm house is gone lol.
 There are three things that   I don't like about the house. First is, it doesn't have a central air but my husband said that it can be fixed.
 Another thing that I don't like is the  yard.  It doesn't have a big backyard as our current house.
 And the last one is the kitchen is a bit smaller than what we have now.
 My daughter loved it but my son is very sentimental, he doesn't  want to leave our home.
 I am  50-50 on this, I want a bigger house for us but I love this house as well although it's small for us now.
I will leave everything to God, if it meant to be that we get the house, I will take it.

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