Friday, June 22, 2012

Organic Plant Food

We have a new puppy and  he love digging my plants in the garden  which  really disappoints  me because  the vegetables are already blooming and now they are wilted.  I am just glad that  I only used organic plant food, it is safe for  our fur babies.    Gardening has always been my passion  but having kids and pets at home makes   you always  cautious of what you use in the garden to make sure that  it's safe and  healthy for them.   

Whitney Farms offer gardening products that  would give you more produce than the conventional  plant food.  You may try  their products  and enjoy their $3 off your purchase.  I would definitely recommend this to my father-in-law  who love to   do gardening also.  He is getting disappointed that his garden is not doing very well this year.  He  got used to having a very healthy garden from the previous years and this year is  kind of slow.  Above is the  vegetable garden that I have this year.  I hope that I could still revive the ones that our puppy has destroyed.  This was taken last week, they are now so tall and blooming, too bad my fur baby decided to  harvest it  this early.  That's the advantage of using organic plant food, you do not have to worry about your produce.  

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