Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fantastic Roadtrip

We pre-celebrated my birthday yesterday at Raccoon Creek State Park, PA yesterday.  The kids had so much fun in the water  and then we went for a hike  at the trails  after we ate.  It was a great bonding for the family and a healthy way to celebrate birthday.  There's  no better way of celebrating a birthday than spending it  with your family and communing with nature as well!   Below is one of  the photos we took yesterday, I have so many  to share  in the coming posts for you.

The pa-roadtrips Road-A.Matic is a great help when you want to explore the outdoor possibilities offered by Pennsylvania.  There is a a huge  list of  outdoor places  that you can visit in PA.   We already hit three of the beautiful places  this summer and we are planning to  go to Lake Erie for our  future roadtrips plan n the coming  weeks.  Planning your road trip is easier with Road-A-Matic  because  they have an organized  tool at site.  There's tons of  trip ideas that you can find which includes road trips, PA romantic getaways, travel deals and events, artisan trails, civil war trails, and  many more.  

We have never been to Lake Erie so we really want to  go there this year.  We plan to do it  on our daughter's birthday next month, so the four of us will  be heading our way there soon.   Check out  the website I mentioned above for PA for a fantastic  road trips that you are planning ahead.

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