Sunday, June 24, 2012

Horse Riders

Have you ever watched the movie called "Seabiscuit"?  This was filmed back in 2003, a  movie based on a true story of a racing horse who won 33 races  and earned   over  four hundred thousands of dollars back in 1930s.  This is a great and inspiring movie to watch.  Hubby and I love this one.  Seeing the Belmont Stakes 2012 horses reminds me of this movie  very much.  While I was  flipping through their pages, the scenes from the movie keeps playing in my mind.

Anyhow, if you are looking for some  products that you need for your ranch or horses, Manhattan Saddlery is the place to  shop to.  They have  saddles at international stores and  many other products that  involves horses.  You can also  enjoy free shipping  with their products by finding the legit program that offers this kind of  services.  Shipping can be very expensive especially if it's international but if you are a member of a free shipping company, you can save big bucks on your orders.

Below are the photos of my kids when we visited a relative but got lost. Being lost was a blessing because the ranch owners let our children ride their horses.  

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Shirley said...

The kindness of strangers, eh? What a wonderful opportunity for your children! You were lost but found an opportunity your children will remember always. (at least your daughter will, your son may be too young.) Good thing you had your camera ready to capture this!

Lois Evensen said...

How sweet! So very nice of them. :) Yes, we have seen Sea Biscuit. It was a great movie.

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