Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Western Purses and More

Looking at the selection of purses at  Western Express website makes me think of horses and  Texas.    There are  super cool designs of leather purses at the above mentioned site and  I like most of them.  Below is the  one that I really like, it is a leather saddle  in burgundy color.  It would be a cool   one to bring when you are    wearing boots.  The website offers  Wholesale Western Purses and wholesale blankets and  ponchos.  You can also find  leather belts, belt buckles and a lot more.

Western Express, inc., also has different kinds of  blings and accessories including copper jewelry.  They even have  different cool products for kids.  I bet my daughter would love this pink faux felt cowboy hat.  Isn't it so cute?    So guys if you are  into western fashion, saddle up and  head on the the website I have mentioned above.  Just visit any of the links provided in this post and  you will see different kinds of cool stuff.

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