Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our Satellite is Back

Last January, the cost of  our satellite bill went up, so we decided to  switch to a local cable provider here in our area.  It was nice at  first, the programming  is good and the price is within our budget but after a couple of months, we started  having problems with the box.  It kept hanging so after a couple of times   that we reported the case and   the services still the same, we decided to switch back to direct tv. We are enjoying a low rate  right now which they gave us for 12 months.  

The good thing is that, there are places like dx3 website where you can find good deals on satellite programming from DirecTV.  The dx3 direct tv deals  helps  customers like us to find the best package that would suit our budget.  My kids  love DirecTV because  they can record their favorite  shows and watch it anytime with their convenient.  That's one  of the few reasons why we  came back to  having a satellite connection rather than a cable.  See, if just me and my husband, Internet is enough for us to  satisfy our entertainment but when you have kids, it is important that  you have TV programming that you can rely on to  entertain them.

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