Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tomato Seedlings

Our neighbor grow different kinds of tomato seedlings. They gave us some to plant in our garden.  They also gave us four kinds of peppers, hot and sweet!
They gave us four kinds, the beef steak, roma, rutgers, and giant belgians.
A Photo a Day # 147
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12 Smart Readers SAID::

The Write Girl said...

Your little garden is coming together. Thanks for sharing and I love your sky shot.

EG CameraGirl said...

Tomatoes in your future! YUM!

Roger Owen Green said...

Yum - tomatoes!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

DawnTreader said...

They look lovely with the light shining through the leaves like that. Full of promises ;) I have two like that on my balcony too!

Leslie: said...

There's no better treat than tomatoes picked fresh right off your own plants! Enjoy!

abcw team

Wanda said...

Not only tasty, but so colorful on a plate. I grilled tomatoes last night with a little cilantro and jack cheese...made a nice side dish.

It nice when neighbors share plants and flowers.

Ann said...

There is NOTHING like a fresh tomato in summer.

Andy David said...

I am a lover of tomatoes. Thanks for sharing.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Home grown tomatoes are one of life's great gifts!

Shoshana said...

my daughter planted tomato, also. She's got half a dozen fruits on it already.

Emille said...

That was nice of your neighbor! My son-in-law is growing tomatoes too. The Roma tomato is my favorite!

Lmkazmierczak said...

Terrific T post. Enjoy your tomatoes♫♪

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