Saturday, May 12, 2012

Armor's Extreme Shield Wax

Our Honda Accord will be seven years old  in a couple  of months but I can say that   it still running like new.    The only major repair that we did with it is when I  miscalculated the bump on a hill and damaged my bumper.  It was not an expensive  repair  because we only bought the material needed and  Dave (he was still around then) just  install it for us.  We really missed Dave when it comes to automotive stuff.   We also had a couple of  crack on the windshield because of  rocks that flew from the truck ahead of us.  Other than that, our car was in pretty much condition.

One of the products that  is good in  maintaining  a vehicle is the  Extreme Shield Wax from Armor All.  You can apply it to your car effortlessly with no hazing.  It is safe to apply on all automotive finishes.  It leaves no residue on plastic  and can also be applied on direct sunlight.    This would leave a bright and long lasting shine on your car.  You may check out Armor All in Facebook and like it to enter  their   awesome sweepstakes called "What Life did to your Car".  This sweepstakes will give you a chance to win the hot Camaro signed by Tony Stewart, one of the most famous car racers in the world.  So do not let this chance pass,  visit the  link and enter now.

The road can be very tough on your vehicle so having  it protected  by  product like the one I mentioned above, your vehicle  can last for a long time  which eventually  save you money. I always believe that when you take care of your stuff, it  will also take care of you!

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