Sunday, October 10, 2010

White tree

This is our neighbor's tree. He cut off the top of this tree due to some kind of disease and painted it white. It looks great whenever their cherry blossoms bloom. It also great during Christmas because he put lights around it.

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Carletta said...

I think that is pretty cool!
I could see little bird houses of different colors hung on those upstretched branches. :)

Carletta @ Carletta's Captures

Marie said...

Wow this tree is amazing. I just love it. Loely to look at and so easy to take care of :-)

Denise said...

Your neighbor's tree takes me right back to my grandmother's apple tree back in my childhood. She used to paint it with a white coat of lime two feet up from its base, to stop any unwanted pests from climbing it I was told. Funny how a photo reminds you of things from way back when :) Enjoyed your photo very much, thank you.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I'm always glad to see at least something survive of dead trees. I'm sure it looks magical with lights sparkling on it!

Anonymous said...

I loved it too! It looks unique and of course those blossoms in the backdrop make all the difference!

Dhemz said...

Me too...I like the idea.

Junneth said...

Yah it looks so awesome. Kahit ganun may silbi pa rin ang punong iyan sis! Thanks for the advise sis Chubs oo nga tatlo na kayong nagreklamo mahirap daw magpost ng comment sa friends ko...kaya tinanggal ko na ang WV. thanks ha!

Anonymous said...

How odd. I'm sure it is beautiful at Christmas.

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