Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Autumn Walk

We went for a walk on a chilly afternoon at Dad's neighborhood when we visited him. As usual, I have the camera with me for photo opportunities hehehe. I told hubby and the kids to pose for me because the sun was setting.
Those lawn displays caught my attention, aren't they unique?

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nuts said...

wow, the sun is setting and how nice it is to see family that walks together except for the kids and also Rye naka-stroller din.. =)

Ralph said...

This is a beautiful WV neighborhood, full of small but tidy houses, nice yard art (the canons). The family walking together is what truly makes this feel like a nice neighborhood!

mizztraveller said...

Those looks unique and interesting .
i love the house design .

Aimee said...

aha! Rose ikaw nag post nito ano? it got me a bit confused...because he has a "hubby" hahaha! yep, those are quite interesting lawn ornaments...were you in a military base/housing?

have a great week ulit!

oh, hi john :)

Jim said...

Great shots.

Kim, USA said...

That will caught my attention too! A great front yard decoration, nobody would ever messed up with those hehe!
MYM-More flowers

eileeninmd said...

The golden is light is a great capture. I hope you had a nice walk with the family. Happy MYM!

spinninglovelydays said...

That is so cool! Are those cannons authentic?
I love a good ramble on an autumn afternoon too. :)
Spinning Lovely Days

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