Saturday, October 9, 2010

Exhausted.. Mentally

It was raining today so we drove down to school to get our daughter. We made some trips to the post office, to the bank, and visited my father. Coming home, they both fall asleep. They were both exhausted from playing at my Dad's house.

Sometimes when our daughter is very tired from her activities in school, she gets grumpy when she doesn't take a nap. I was also mentally exhausted last week from the brain frying exam I took with my calculus.

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Rossel said...

she must be very, very tired.

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Dhemz said...

poor kiddos....:)

Ralph said...

The child’s profession is learning and play. They are tired, so they worked well today! Calculus for them is happily years away...

Anonymous said...

I welcome moments when my kids fall asleep in the car coz it's my only time of peace and quiet... LOL...


Hey Harriet said...

awww...hope they woke up feeling all refreshed! Have a great week!

anka said...

They look lovely when they are sleepy. Nice shots!

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