Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Violin

The Koreans are very ornate people, they make their surroundings pleasing to the eyes. Wherever you go in here, there are plants everywhere and their choices of building structures are quite unique. Some of their building are structured like a ship and turtle which I really love. They are also known for love of music. My wife took the picture of this violin replica in front of the mall that we went to the other week.Have a great day everyone and thanks for visiting!

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pehpot said...

Violin is like a rich man's hobby in Korea I presume.. I have been watching Koreans series and I can say that most of the characters there that are rich knows how to play the violin :)

Make or Break

eden said...

Hi John!

nice violin replica and Rose took a great picture.

sorry for the late visit, John. i was just a bit tied up with some commitments both personal and in the kids' school these days.

Please say hello to rose and the kids. I haven't got time anymore to visit Rose sites but I promise I will do it tomorrow. that will be my first thing once I open my computer. :)

Dhemz said...

wow! very must be a symbol to korean people or something.

FaYe said...

hi! can you compare korea to KL, malaysia? the cleanliness, the surroundings? how's the korean attitudes, are they respectful?
been to malaysia many times, never been to korea.
have a nice day!

shydub said...

Nice shot rose, bravo! thats one huge violin.

ruby said...

hi! have a great weekend..

amiable amy said...

that's good to know...i noticed too that the surroundings are really clean...

anyway, blog hopping in all your blogs now

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