Monday, August 10, 2009

It's Haircut Time!

When we woke up yesterday, our two little ones wanted to play outside so I took them out and played. It was hot yesterday so they were sweating a lot especially our son. We decided to give him a haircut and since it is summer, my wife asked me to make it a little bit thin.

Here's a photo before we cut their hair.
I am glad that EJ did not resit at all, maybe this will be a start of a smooth hair cut time hehehe.

After we cut his hair, my wife gave him a bath and then he wanted to help cleaning up the hair on the floor.

Do you see the white spot? When his mom was putting some powder on his body after the bath, he asked for some and put it in his head lol..
My wife cut a sort length of hair from Rylie's back and then she gave her a bangs.

Presenting.... Our princess and prince with their new hair cut.. EJ was not n the mood for picture taking!

And Oh, I just want to thank you all for always coming by my blog. This is now my 1,000 post and I am inspired to make entries because of you who keep coming back and sharing your time reading my posts! God bless!

15 Smart Readers SAID::

Phivos Nicolaides said...

You apply perfectly the principle "Do it yourself"!!

lolit said...

hello, you know what my hubby used to cut the hair of my kids too, but most of the time it was always a disaster, so the ending, will go to the barber to finish the unfinished, hehehe.

lolit said...

by the way HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to you and Rose,keep the love always inflamed.

amiable amy said...

very nice hahha..they are very behave lol...good job...they are so helpful....both of you and Rose are helpful

visiting here

Jarlin Paul said...

Looks great, John.

political agenda said...

blog hopping here...

nice family

Dana Telecom said...

Why is EJ not in the mood?

sunny said...

good job! u did it very nice man! hahaha Ej looks so cool cleaning up the mess, i wonder if he had naughty moments with the vacuum cleaner coz my nephews had funny experiences with it!

Saurabh said...

Your boy looks very cool in his new hair look :)

However, I have to admit, I scrolled the post in trepidation as I feared you might have chopped off the beautiful hair of your daughter! But thank God, that was not the case ;)

Russ said...

It's really sweet of you to do your kids' haircut. It's one of those moments that your children will always remember even when they're adults. Too bad my dad's never been a dad to my brother and I. Oops. Sorry for being emo.

Have a nice day.Ü

the donG said...

i believe now he's ready to go to afghanistan. hehehe... nice to know that you do his hair cut. less expenses.

Uncle Lee said...

Ahoy Sailor, how you doin'? Gosh, your boy really has his dad's good looks. Looking more like you now.
Never knew one of your talents is cutting hair?
You cut for friends? Ha ha.
Have fun, Joops.....and watch the tides, Lee.

nurseabie said...

Wow! 1000 posts. Congrats.. Happy blogging..

Cacai M. said...

Those are beautiful and handsome products from the roots! it shows!

Passing-by here.. have a nice day! I have fun watching your kiddos! regards to Ate Rose..

Joops said...

Thank you very much for the wonderful comments. You guys are truly awesome.

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