Tuesday, August 11, 2009


to the blissful marriage.
I thank God that I have found you
that He gave us two precious angels.....
Thank you for marrying me six years ago.
Thank you for loving me for what I am.

Thank you for being YOU
I love you!


10 Smart Readers SAID::

Saurabh said...

Happy Marriage Anniversary !

May God bless you and your family! I hope you have an amazing year and a beautiful life ahead..


nurseabie said...

Happy Anniversary! God bless.
Wishing you more blessing and happiness in your family.

Dhemz said...

Happy Anniversary guys! I wish you all the best....good health and more blessings to come....congratulations on your 6 years of marriage...way to go!

Cecile said...

Happy Anniversary, again to the both of you!

Russ said...

Aww. That is really sweet. Happy Anniversary.Ü Stay happy and stay in love. Thanks for visiting back.

LazyKing said...

can I borrow that baby for.. a lifetime. too cute for words.
Again, happy bday!

shydub said...

Happy six years wedding anniversary for both of you, John and Rose. Best wishes and stronger love

iceah said...

So sweet c: Happy Anniversary to both of you c:

Joops said...

Thank you all for the greetings and wishes!

Clarissa said...

Happy Wedding Anniversary to both of you though it's late already (sorry,I was popping in and out again at blogosphere)Wishing you both the best!!

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