Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kojedo Aikwangwon Social Welfare

All the first classes (including yours truly of course) will go to a a Social Welfare Foundation in Kojedo Aikwangwon today. This is part of the COMREL that we have between Koreans. This place is called "The Garden of Love and Light." Here is a short description of the place that I copied and pasted from

Kojedo Aikwangwon is a social welfare foundation that is a symbol of caring for the less fortunate. Located on Koje Island, the second largest island just off the southern coast of the Korean peninsula, it was founded in 1952 in the midst of the Korean War by our present Superintendent, Mrs. Im-Soon Kim. While its original mission was to care for abandoned orphans of the war, its services have been expanded over the years to care for the mentally and physically disabled children who have been abandoned by society. Aikwangwon is committed to providing them with the highest quality care.

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