Sunday, May 17, 2009

EJ's Agony

Our son EJ did not sleep well last night. He tried to poop before he went to bed but he didn't have much success. He was pretty agitated last night because of it, so my wife and I were wide awake from the middle of the night up until dawn. Rose tried to get him go at the potty but he was so afraid and just ended up crying. Here he is trying to let it out last night.

Concerned about his problem, we put a little vaseline on his anus this morning and that's when he went. He felt good after his exhausting ordeal and took a really long nap. It is a little tough pottytraining EJ as compared to our daughter Rylie. EJ is afraid to sit on his potty. Poor little man!

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Clarissa said...

awww poor lil EJ!!

Mel Alarilla said...

Yes, that's awful for EJ. I hope he can learn his potty training very soon. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Steve E. said...

Sounds like EJ was in pain. We'vw all been there as adults, but for a child it can be scary, yes?

Cecile said...

oh, poor little , EJ, why don't you try giving him baby lax, he must be constipated. Jacob was like that before...hope he feels better soon.

anne said...

Poor little boy, uhmm I hope I wont problem with have to have potty training someday.

adelfa said...

poor lil boy, just take time to train him days pass by he will be good

the donG said...

poor little boy. i can relate to this as we also have a two year old nephew.

nice to know that you were able to manage it but with all those stress.

Weng Forsgren said...

Poor lil EJ.

I don't know if it is usually a boy who is hard to potty train.
I had potty trained my son too when he was almost 2 years old, but I was not succeded. He always refused to sit on it. But instead he wanted to go to the toilet.
So until now his pot is unused.
Maybe your son will be the same as my son too :)

Lulu said...

my daughter is always constipated so when she can't poop in one day i give her prunes and it works for her.

btw, we can xlinks just let me know

istarblog said...

Im good. Ikaw sis? Long time na din since nakausap ka ah.. Hehe

Dhemz said...

oh no! is he ok now manang right? I agree with ateCes....:)Akesha never experience this sure she will...hehehe!

Joops said...

Hello everyone, thanks a lot for your concern. Yes, my son is okay now, thanks God for that!

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