Saturday, May 30, 2009

The beautiful Lotte Hotel

This is the continuation of my post about our mini getaway during the memorial day celebration. The first photo was the front view of the hotel. It's an enormous hotel built in an island. This is just the front area, it has left and right wing building and the land scape is spectacular.

You can rent a paddle boat in this area.
This is the outdoor swimming pool.
The oranges fruit that Rose took a snapshot of.
This is the left wing of the hotel.
I'll post some more of the photos next time. Thanks for viewing guys and commenting as well..

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Rossel said...

The place is awesome, very big and with nice outdoor pool. For sure you enjoyed your holiday guys especially your kids.

Thanks for your prayers. I am well now.

Dhemz said...

wowwwwwwwwwwww! gorgeous! what can I say? I love the photos...this are the pool specially.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

very nice

A.Marie said...

Wow!! Love the pictures; it makes me wish that I was there RIGHT NOW!! I also just visited your wife's blog. She has got an incredible blog, just like you do, and she also has a new follower....ME! :):)

Maus said...

nice photo and views johnny,,
rose is a part time photographer at this time!lol

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I wish that I could go on a vacation like that!

Laureen said...

Nice site.I enjoy being here.

Wengss said...

wow so nice.I'm sure you had a great time during your stay.
thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

Jasper said...

nice place and captures. keep em up!

sunny said...

wow nice place to stay hop buddy..take care and regards to your wifey and just pretty busy!!!

nuts said...

I envy you people seeing this so beautiful view.. How I wish to see this place, awesome!

EJ said...

Sure we did Ms. Rossel, thanks!

>Hi Dhemz, the actual place is very very nice I think you would fal in love with it too if you see it..

>Thanks Willie.

>Thanks a lot A.Marie for taking my suggestion in visiting her blog, she actually maintains three blogs hehehe..

>Thanks Faye, yep she is always the photographer lol.

>Hi SonyaAnn, why not?

>Hi laureen, thanks! Hope to see you more often.

>Hi Weng, sure no problem. We did have a great time out there.

>Thanks Jasperjuagan.

>Hi nuts, that's why I wanna share this here so even you guys can see the place.

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