Monday, May 18, 2009

Back Home

My sister sent us this photos the other day and my wife and I just stared at each other like "We really want to go home." We misses hour home and our family so we can't wait till we go back there. I am glad that my sister is taking care of my wife's garden, from the photos, Rose's flowers are invaded by the weeds already lol.. These photos were taken at the back of our home. in West Virginia.. Thanks guys!

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Clarissa said...

aawww...that's sad...until when are you guys gonna be back there in West Virginia?

Happy Monday to you,Sir Joops and your family!^_^

parenting and adventure said...

just passin by, i love reading your contents . God bless

Jasmine said...

Being away from home is always hard. :(

Maus said...

nice house and garden johnny--

Cecile said...

oh, what a sweet sissy you have, Joops :-); so nice of her to pull some will be ready when you get home soon :-).

anyway, regarding the photo hunter meme, you can join us, just grab the logo and then put pictures on your post, that's what I did ;-), looking forward to your entry!

have a great week ahead :-)!

Ciela said...

How caring your sis is, John! And what a fabulous home you have back in West Virginia.

Dhemz said...

wow nice sure wifey misses her garden..and can't wait to go back home...:)

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