Monday, February 2, 2009

Steelers' Victory!

Yeah Baby, Steelers Won, hurray! I think seventy five percent of the sailors who came and watched the super bowl were cheering for AZ Cardinals and only 25% of us were steelers fan. So everytime the AZC scores, it felt like the walls are rocking but when the steelers score, were just clapping our hands. But when the game was over, we're like YEAH Baby YEAH!
I gotta go to bed now my friends, thank you very much for your visit and comments! Good night!

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Her Glitter Life said...

Hi Joops, Thanks for drooping by and leaving comments on my blog. I saw this game last night @ mom's house. My husband siblings are really crazy with this. I only knew the Superbowl here in Chicago. The white Sox and Chicago bears. I love Chicago bears. Follow your blog dear.

amiable amy said... hubby and his friends are for steelers too, i am neutral hahaha...the game was super fun and exciting... I cheered so loud!

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