Thursday, February 19, 2009

Deli Dangers

The next time you consider purchasing deli meat, think twice—there could be health dangers lurking behind the counter. Here is some critical information that you should know before making or buying your next sandwich

Read on for vital tips on what and what not to eat at the deli.
How to Avoid Deli Dangers
Before you give up your favorite sandwich for good, try these tips:

1. Check for the heart-check mark on meat packages. Heart checked packages indicate that the product is certified by the American Heart Association to be low in saturated fat and cholesterol. To find lists of certified deli meats, go to these websites for deli department meats and pre-sliced deli meats.

2. Reduce your intake of processed meats such as bologna, sausage, salami and hot dogs.

3. “Healthy” meats can be high in calories, sodium and saturated fat. Make sure to read the health information labels on the back of pre-packaged meats before making your purchase.

4. When looking for processed sandwich meats select low-fat turkey, chicken, turkey ham, turkey pastrami or lean boiled ham. Check the amount of sodium; some have 25% or more of the daily value. These need to be avoided.

5. Try finding healthier brands. Many companies now produce organic, nitrite-free deli meats that are much better for you than the usual deli counter fare.

6. Avoid meats that list sodium nitrite as an ingredient.

7. If you are pregnant, heat hot dogs, luncheon meats, or deli meats to 160 degrees.

8. With some thought and a little bit of investigation, your sandwich will be healthy, and keep you healthy long after it’s gone.

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Clarissa said...

Thanks for the info--they're very helpful!
Thanks for the visits!!Have a nice day!

sunny said...

absolutely postively correct! health conscious, life conscious! heh heh heh! hoppin here buddy!

Anonymous said...

great post...very helpful....:)

Anonymous said...

was here...give u :)

Cecile said...

joops, i posted this one, too! it is sometimes good to remind people the danger of consuming processed foods. i am not a fond of them ever since!

visiting and dropping my ec :-)

Anonymous said...

this is an interesting post Joops, thanks for hubby loves deli products...i learn to like hoghead cheese...wheeww..anyway dropping by here

Mommy Liz said...

Wow, going deli shopping is getting harder and harder. With all these fat, calories and sodium watch you cannot buy anything anymore. It's simpler when I was young int he Philippines. Only hot pandesal and we're good to go. No spread or anything..Now, we can all eat anything that we want, but then, we will die young, hahaha! Oh well, I guess, I would have to be aware of what I buy for my family. Thanks for these info..

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