Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rylie's First Easter

These pictures were taken three and a half years ago, on Easter celebration. The outfit she had on was made by my sister Crystal. Our daughter was only nine months in these pics... When she was a baby, she like flexing her muscles and act like she's exercising...

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Cecile said...

she really is a cute little girl :-), even when she was young!

thanks btw for the visits and comments !

me said...

Hi there sir..doing my daily visit here today..Your Rylie sure is big now and she is very beautiful..saw her recent photos in your wife's blog..

btw I added this blog in my fave blog's list..


Wengss said...

cute little girl :)

Clarissa said...

Wow,that was sweet of your sister Crystal!!How I wish I could made some handmade outfits for my kids,too!
Always a cutie Rylie!!

Dhemz said...

she's absolutely adorable...I love here outfit..your sister is very talented!

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