Saturday, February 14, 2009

Probiotic Power

Making yogurt a part of your everyday diet may keep the doctor away--that is, if you eat enough of it and if it contains plenty of the right stuff. While many of us go out of our way to avoid exposing ourselves to bacteria and to kill any we do come in contact with, the truth is that swallowing certain bacteria could actually enhance your health. The beneficial bacteria are called probiotics and are often present in yogurt, kefir (a drink made with fermented milk) and milk cultured with Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Probiotics is a term for good bacteria, eaten in food or taken in supplements, that have been shown in clinical studies to benefit humans by preventing the bad bacteria you come in contact with from causing illness or disease, explains Manfred Kroger, Ph.D., professor emeritus of food science at Penn State University in University Park, PA. "Good bacteria help stabilize our bodies' daily processes." About a dozen bacterial species have specific strains that have been identified as probiotic.

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Beth said...

i like foods with Probiotics, like yogurts and our Yakult here. It cleans our body of bad bacteria.
Thanks for reminding me to include Yakult on my grocery list today! :)

Anonymous said...

HAppy valentines day

BorneoAngler said...

looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

yogart yes its good but its quite expensive here..specially to class C citizens who are the majority of people in the philippines. ^__^

your children looks adorable (the pic on your profile).^__^

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