Sunday, November 16, 2008

High 5 for Fitness

Being fit isn't a problem, you just have to discipline yourself in eating good, sleeping well and do regular exercise. Here are 5 ways you could do to lengthen the span of your life. Be sure to consult your doctor first before before making major changes in your exercise level.

  1. TARGET 30-60 MINUTES OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY MOST DAYS. The more you exercise, the more the benefits. The best part is, you can meet this level of activity with several shot segments each day.

  2. RAISE YOUR HEART RATE. Fit in aerobics to strengthen your cardiovascular system. Brisk walking, swimming or cycling gets your heart pumping, and ca burn about 150 calories for a half hours effort.

  3. THINK "PHYSICAL" ALL DAY LONG. Add activities that work your muscles and burn extra calories. Look for Possibilities. Clean up the yard, walk to lunch or walk while you talk on the phone. Blend your exercise to your life so enjoy it.

  4. STRETCH IT OUT. Daily stretching, yoga and pilates can add lifelong flexibility and protection from muscle strain and injuries. Stretching also feels good and eases everyday achiness.

  5. MUSCLE UP SOME MIGHT. Add strength training work outs, such as weight lifting or calisthenics, 2-3 times a week. More strength means you can do more.

13 Smart Readers SAID::

Anonymous said...

I think I am fit, hehehe. I do eat enough food, do sleep...but, exercise,hmmm...i don't, maybe I am not healthy...wheeww...this is serious. LOL! I love to do all those stuffs you said but,i don't find time to do it. I think I am practicing an unhealthy lifestyle. Hope i will not turn into a couch potato in 2 years...

Thanks for visiting my 2nd blog. I was able to work in a daycare here but just for few days. I love the kids but i am not happy with the admin (they're cold to the kids). Right now, got plans to switch career, i still don't know really. I am in limbo. I might finish my Masters in School Management or switch career (Nursing).

Anonymous said...

another award is waiting for you, just grab it anytime ...see you around...

Dhemz said...

visit here, is this means that I need to do exercise?hehhe..can't stay away from!

Lee said...

Hi Joops, hey man, sorry I missed your name, ha ha, must be the triple Jack Daniels I had last night when friends dropped in.
Anyway, I sure got a fantastic one for you, take a look my place.
Afraid you might get mistaken for "Bond...James Bond", ha ha.
All it needs is a shoulder holster with a Walter PPK.38 and you'll be fine.

Hey, you starting your kid on a Harley? She'll want a Screaming Eagle when she reaches 17, ha ha.

I just had my complete medical last week, its all systems go, no problemos, heart still ticking like a 42 year old, YEEEEEEHaaaaaaa!
You have a nice day, Lee.

Cecile said...

good advice, joops, that will keep us fit, just need to be consistent

thanks for the advice :-)

i really don't think I can go to the neighbors house and go talk to them :-)jus t thinking of doing :-)

sunny said...

we really need to follow thse simple guidelines,hehehe! esp for those computer addict who cant bear to leave their pc even for 10 mins,hehehe! health is wealth!!!

EJ said...

hahaha, find time for it Amy, its good for you in a long run... Never neglect your health with other things.

Yeah, i can't blame you.. If you're not happy with your working environment, its hard to concentrate and love your work.. I'd say, just pursue nursing ..

EJ said...

Hahahah, you sounds like somebody I know here hahaha.. She's pinching me... In fairness to Rose, she does exercise every once in a while..

EJ said...

Nice excuse lee hahaha, its okay,.. I know that I haven't been to your house much.. Blame it on my work hahaha, always busy!

Yeah,. she loves riding in bikes and stuff... I just hope she'll turn into a good driver hahaha..

Good to know that your healthy man, I think the presence of those lovely ladies everyday in your blog helps hahaha..

EJ said...

Hi Cecille.. This post is just a reminder to those who keep exercise aside lol..

EJ said...

Absolutely true Sun. Health is Wealth... Ouch, my wife is guilty so she keep pinching me lol..

sunny said...

my visit for today! hehehee!!! take care mi amigo!!!! buneas tardes! ciao

cre8tone said...

Exercise is the great thing to do to stay fit!~

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