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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Because HE Lives

I love the theme this Sunday that says:
I can face tomorrow,

Because HE Lives

All fear is gone;

because I know

HE holds the future
And life is worth the living
just because HE lives.
You can find this reading at JOB 19:25 NIV
"I know that my Redeemer Lives"

We started our Sunday by attending mass this morning. My wife was in the mood for photo taking again so we have these:

Since wifey went to work, me and my precious ones just kinda hang around the house.

20 Smart Readers SAID::

Cookie said...

You have a beautiful and happy family. May you be blessed always!

Maus said...

im be the first here johnny!

amiable amy said...

It is really good to start a week with God in our minds. Good that you always spent Sundays with your family Joops..."a family that prays together, stays forever..."the pictures are so nice...a portrait of a happy family

richard said...

Hello Joops,

How are you? Happy thanksgiving day to you and your love ones...Hope you like the Power Blog Award...:)

Umma said...

Hi Joops.. family that prays together stays together... You have a great family and a loving wife like Rose who is very sweet and caring.

adette said...

hi! you have a beautiful daughters.....have a nice day!

sunny said...

whew! for ages, thanks goodie i was able to celebrate the mass yesterday!!!! yipee,hehehehe!

"I can face tomorrow,
Because HE Lives" - we really need to hold on to this....

nice pics.....!!!

Dhemz said... wifey!

Dhemz said...

visit here today!

Cecile2 said...

Joops, here to say "happy thanksgiving day" tomorrow!

who says fall is only in U.S.?

nice photos and lovely family:-)

Joops said...

Thanks a lot cookie! May God bless you always too!

Joops said...

You're the second Faye hehehe..

Joops said...

I agree with you Amy, when you center God to everything that you do, it's always good!

Joops said...

Thanks a lot Richard, will come by to get the award!

Joops said...

Thanks Umma, I guess its very normal to Filipinoes to be sweet and caring. I love Filipinoes hospitality too!

Joops said...

Thanks Adette!

Joops said...

That's good Sunny, its always a great feeling if you spend sometime with God right?

Joops said...

Thanks Demcy, does she lol.. just kidding!

Joops said...

Yeah, fall is here too hehehe.. Happy Thanksgiving too Cecille!

iceah said...

AMEN to that Joops c:

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