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Inside our #VeggieGarden

This is the second year I am trying to grow  vegetable  in our second home.  Last year was a trial and error phase because I don't know which part of our yard would be best to put a vegetable garden.   I was trying to figure  out  where  to best plant  specific veggies.  This year, I kind of have an idea  where   to plant them. I also expanded our garden a little bit.  I don't have a big space so I just plant it on the sides of our  house.  I was planning to  make a big garden by our driveway since there is a big space there but my husband didn't want a veggie garden in the front yard so that plan was eliminated.
Last year, I saw these little asparagus  seedlings on sale at Rural King and thought of trying to  plant them  and see if  it will grow in our garden and it did.  It is still in the growing process so this year when they came back I was ecstatic.  They are however still small so no harvest yet for me but according to gardening experts, it will take few years before you can harvest asparagus when you initially   plant them.
I have three blueberry bushes that I planted last year.    We love blueberries but I only buy it once in a while because of the price.  I hope that these bushes will continue to grow so we could enjoy it in the years to come.  We actually had a few blooms but the birds kept pecking on it that  I never saw  the mature fruits.
This year, I wanted to  put an edger  where I can also use  as planters.  Since I have so many of these  plastic  pots  from the  plants I bought last year, I thought of using it.  It's a great system to plant your spinach and  lettuces.  Our bunnies are greatly benefiting the lettuce that we have this year and of course I do too since I love salad.  I do however find some of the  leaves bitter, any tips you can give me?
A friend of mine gave me some bokchoi seeds  to plant and she said that  it will grew even on cold temperature.  So after  the last frost I spread them  in a  flower bed so I can just transplant them afterwards.  The unpredictable weather that we had during spring somehow  made the growth of the  bocchoi stagnant.  They bloom  before I could enjoy the leaves so I just let them mature so I can gather the seeds for next year.
They make pretty good accent in the vegetable garden.  Their blooms are tiny yellow flowers and  it's pretty, I think.  You can even use it as filler when you're arranging flowers on a vase.

One of the few fruits that I planted last year was these hardy kiwis.  They are not the  regular fuzzy kiwis but  it said that they are as good.  Their fruit are a little smaller compared to  New Zealand kiwi but  the skin is not fuzzy.  We will see how it looks and taste when they bloom.  It said that it will take a few years before  it bears fruit.
Here it is now getting thicker  each day.  I am requesting a trellis from my husband but he doesn't like the idea of putting trellis on the porch sill.  I was hoping he would agree so it would block the view of our neighbors ha ha.
I actually got excited when I saw  the  flowers in  each vines.  I thought it will  mature as fruit but  they were just flowers, no fruit yet.
Another fruit I planted last year  is grapes, I have two of them.  Again, this fruit would take years before it blooms so it's a waiting game at this point.
Okay back to  veggies.  I planted a lot of cucumbers this year because we all love cukes here at home.  If I get lucky to have  a bunch, I would love to pickle them.
I also planted a bunch of carrots.  I should have just  planted the seeds directly to the ground instead of  starting them on plastic containers.  But they are getting thick now.  Aside from seeds, you can also  plant the  scrap from your kitchen.  I always stick the top of the carrots on the ground and they grow faster than the seeds.
During the winter season, my  living room window get crowded with all the  plants that needed to be  put inside.  Glad that summer is giving the  plants the much needed sunlight now that they are out in the patio/porch.  

You can check out the rest of my tropical plants from my previous post.  It's satisfying to grow stuff especially when you harvest them.  The  thought of eating  what you grow is priceless.  I am starting to harvest some of our veggies like green beans and cucumbers and other  veggies are now starting to bloom too.

Oh the joy of gardening!  Anyone else enjoys it as much as I do?  Some says  gardening can prolong your life span so whose with me?  I don't know if that's true but nevertheless, I  love gardening very much!  I don't mind my  hands  getting dirty, digging into the ground is satisfying, relaxing and rewarding at the same time.

18 Smart Readers SAID::

Alli Smith said...

What a cleaver way to have a big garden in a small space. I've never tried to grow asparagus before and I love that you've been so successful with yours.

Candysfarmhousepantry said...

I love to see people planting vegetables in with their flowers. Everyone can grow something even in the smallest places or even have couple pots on the patio.

Elizabeth Parker said...

That's a pretty garden! Lately I've been thinking that I'd like to grow herbs and spices. No room for a garden (I live in a condo) but I have a windowsill that could work.

Tammy said...

Your garden is spectacular!! I have my garden planted much like yours. Around the edge of the house because I don't have any backyard to plant. I love pineapples growing and waiting on the 1st little pineapple to emerge. Its the second year now.

The Mommies Reviews said...

I love your Garden and it looks like you picked the perfect spot for all the varieties of Fruits and Veggies you planted. One thing I didn't know was how long it would take for some of the items to grow. So I will take this into account when my son and I start our garden this year.

Jeannette said...

I wish I could garden. Where I live the ground is very harsh so it is hard to keep stuff alive. Even if I was on fertile ground I seem to kill stuff LOL. I would love to have a fresh vegetable garden though!

AiringMyLaundry said...

Your garden looks so awesome! I wish I could grow stuff. I tend to kill all plants.

Melissa Chapman said...

We have a nice area behind our house but have never been able to grow fruit or vegetables successfully. You are so industrious and you should get some great veggies.

Natalie Loves Beauty said...

Your garden is looking fantastic! Our tomatoes are slightly smaller than yours right now, but we've had plenty of lettuce and herbs like dill and basil!

Laura DeAngelis said...

Love this! I have a small veggie garden too but I am having an issue with bugs eating my tomatoes!

Shabby Chic Boho said...

Now that is the way to garden right there. I've never thought to have a vegetable garden like this but because of lack of space it would be the perfect way for me to start some of my own veggies.

Heather Jones said...

It's hard. I'm hoping to grow more things next year. My neighbor has a small backyard and I just didn't see how I could grow much in our back yard, then I saw hers and realized that I could. So I'll give it a try next year and maybe start some indoors before moving them outside.

Tasheena Womack said...

Your garden looks amazing. I wish I had fruit in my garden. I would love to plant lettuce as well.

Marceline Dementori said...

Wow! Your garden looks amazing and I love the edger idea where you can also plant different kinds of plants. Looks like everything's coming along great!

GeekDad248 said...

I've been wanting to start a garden in the backyard but my wife has been vetoing the idea saying it will attract too many pests. Got some inspiration from your pics about things to do if she changes her mind.

Nikki said...

Looks like this year is a success! We have cruddy soil, so we're doing container gardening. My mom lives with me and she has a green thumb. We put up a fence in one part of the yard, filled that, then I got her raised beds. We also have a ton of plants on the deck in containers.

Terri Steffes said...

Our raised bed did a great job. We got a lot of veggies this year. My favorite is the cabbages! They are perfect!

Holly's Bird Nest said...

I love your garden!! I have a small garden but it seems to get bigger every year!!

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