Saturday, July 14, 2018

Flowering Plants in our Garden

Now that you've seen my vegetable garden, let me share the flowering plants  around our yard.
These wandering jew is very invasive and it's hard to get rid of.  I read somewhere that its  flower is poisonous to cats. dogs, and horse.  I was trying to get rid of them so I always pulled them out but they keep coming back.We have dogs so I was worried about them but I think  our dogs knows not to mess with it.
Every special occasion, my husband and kids would get me a pot of  miniature roses.  I prefer that over bouquets because I can plant them and see them grow and enjoy it's blooms during the summer.
I love this kind of  roses because they don't grow very big so I don't really have to  worry about trimming them.
I planted two  kinds of clematis but one died when my dog   watered it with his pee and I did not catch it right away.  I always  watch the dog when they go in the yard and do their business because one of them love to hike his leg and  pee on plants.  When the kids are the one that let them out, they don't watch them so Bolt can do what he likes to do.
But anyhow, this clematis is gorgeous when they bloom.  Bumble bees love them also.
I  made all the trellis in my yard because the price of the once you see  from the store are expensive.  I have plenty of bamboo in  our yard so I cut some and made it into trellises for our kiwi and other  crawling vine plants

I love forget me nots.  They are very easy to maintain and they are perennial so you don't have to worry about  replanting the next year.  Their tiny blooms are so dainty and it looks beautiful in the summer.
When we first bought our second home, the former owner, got rid of all the plants so I have to  plant my own.  This type of plant came back so I replanted them.  I am not sure what it is called but they have yellow bloom in the spring.  It's a great plant to cover ground.
Peonies and ants.  Have you noticed that  peonies always have  tons of ants when their bulb are starting to form.  According to experts,  they help each other out.  The ants get to  enjoy the sweetness of it and they help  the flower to fully bloom.

I love the scent of this flower so I always cut them and put them in the vase.
Our butterfly bushes are now blooming so we see a lot of butterflies  enjoying the nectar.  Our backyard at the old house has a huge  butterfly bush so I took a couple of  seedling when we moved.  The  spot where I planted them is not really a good place for it, it's not growing as healthy as I wanted it to be.
I forgot what these plants are called but they  bloom purple flowers.  I got them on sale at Lowes and Love that they are perennials.  They come back every year as well.
I have day lilies around the yard and other type of lilies like the  Pardon Me lilies which wasn't in the photo .  Day lilies are really good plants for borders and deer doesn't  bother them which is good.  I planted them around together with the hostas.  I have to spray  deer repellent for the hosta because deer love them. 
I have two hydrangeas in our front yard and they are now starting to bloom.  It said that the color of the flowers depend on the amount of sunlight that shine on it.  Mine  is pink and I haven't seen any changes which is fine.  My husband wanted a blue one.
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First Love Speedwell is what this beautiful flowering plant is called.  They are like the purple ones in shape and form.
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I brought these dwarf lilacs when we moved out from our first home.  I prefer these over the  big lilacs because they smell so sweet and it's not big.
I still have  plenty of flowering plants but did not have time to really  take photos of them.  Some does not like  plants around the yard but I do, it makes me happy.  It makes butterflies and other critters happy and it's beautiful when they bloom.

18 Smart Readers SAID::

Alli Smith said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! I love the idea of asking for mini rose bushes that you can plant. It sure does beat flowers that die in a few days.

melissa chapman said...

Your garden is so amazing and so many different types of beautiful plants. My husband takes care of our yard but he could get a few pointers from you.

Ashley S said...

The garden looks so lovely. Hydrangeas are my absolutely favorite flower! I used to have them in RI, but now where I live the climate isn't the best for them. But yours are beautiful!

valmg said...

Your garden looks lovely, I love all of the colors. I have a bit of a black thumb, and the sun in our yard is challenging.

Terri Steffes said...

I love your garden!! I am a huge fan of having flowers in my house. I love yours!

Glenda Cates said...

I am so jealous as I want a flower garden so bad although every time I try and start one the flowers die. But I can try again if my hubby and son would help me.

Ashley @Irishred02 said...

Your garden is beautiful! I love it! I wish I had more space for flowers (and a green thumb to grow them!)

SimplyTasheena said...

Your flower garden is stunning! I would love have a flower garden. I tried a couple of plants over the years and I haven't been great at it. I purchased some annual bulbs and everything worked out great.

Sarah Bailey said...

Oh my goodness how beautiful is your garden! You really have some gorgeous flowers out at the moment there, thank you for sharing.

joannabri said...

Oh your garden is lovely. I love having flowers are the yard, and thankfully my husband takes care of them because I can't grow anything.

AiringMyLaundry said...

You have such a lovely garden! I wish I could grow stuff but alas, I have a black thumb. My daughter might have more luck!

Anonymous said...

I love gardening. While it's exhausting and a lot of work, it's also therapeutic. Nothing better than seeing flowering plants!!

Glam Karen said...

Flowers are amazing! I love seeing people sharing the flowers in their garden. I don't have a green thumb but it's really lovely to see these flowers bloom. Makes all the hard work worth it!

Nikki said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! We're growing herbs and veggies, and just a few flowers. Our flowers haven't come up yet, though, aside from a few tiny wildflowers that I grew in the front yard. Hopefully they'll be popping out soon!

Crystal Mendez said...

You gave me some great ideas for my yard! Your flowers are beautiful! I live in south Texas and I have a tendency to kill everything I grow. I'll have to look into some cactus or flowers that don't need much help from me.

Unknown said...

I've never maintained a garden before and I have zero knowledge about plants and flowers and all that. I think it's amazing how yours look and you can see how all the hard work has now paid off. The flowers are so beautiful!

ricci said...

I wish I could garden! I never had the time when I had a house and now I'm in an apartment with no yard! LOL!

NPC said...

These flowers are absolutely beautiful. I've been wanting to improve our garden for a long time. Thanks for the inspiration!

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