Thursday, May 5, 2016

Home Disasters: The Burst Pipe Survival Guide

Before I started my family and settled down, I thought being the head of the household would have been easy. How wrong I was! Aside from all the complications that come with family life, every now and then you’ll run into domestic crises which need dealing with. Burst pipes are just one thing you may need to face at home. Here are some tips for keeping the damage to a minimum.

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The first thing you need to do when you discover a burst pipe is to turn off the water supply to your home. If you’re reading this in preparation, then find out where your stopcock is immediately. In many homes, it will be under the main kitchen sink. However, it could be located anywhere where water enters your home. After a bit of dashing around and some unsavoury language, you should be able to find this and turn it off. This will prevent more water coming into your home, and causing even more damage.
The next thing you should do is turn off the electricity at the mains. This isn’t always necessary. However, if the leaking water could have reached any electricals, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you absolutely need to keep the mains on, then put on some rubber gloves and turn off anything in the immediate area of the leak. Even by doing this, you could be playing with fire (figuratively!) If you see any wires that could have gotten wet, avoid touching them at all costs. If there’s any doubt at all though, go for the mains. You should also think about turning your heating off. If a central heating system is left on without any water in it, it can cause serious damage.
Next up, assess the damage. This will not only help you get the adult tantrum out of the way faster, but may well save your life! The most important thing to check for is bulging in the ceiling. This can be caused by water pooling in a certain area. If you see any significant bulging, then make sure your whole family is kept well away from that area. If you’re sure it’s safe, pierce these areas and put out a container to collect the water.
Finally, consult some professionals to start dealing with the damage. Obviously, you’ll need a plumbing firm like Joseph Davidson Plumbing. It’s probably also a good idea to call an electrician like the ones from California Power and Light. When you’re on the phone and talking about the damage, make sure you have someone with you at all times. You don’t want to be injured by the damage to your home and your family to be completely oblivious. You may be stressed, but listen to what your plumber has to say. They may be able to help you prevent such disasters in the future.
I hope these tips have helped you deal with your burst pipe in a safe and effective way. When these things happen, keeping a cool head is essential.

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