Monday, May 2, 2016

Spring Bloom

Seeing  the crab apple tree bloom in our backyard is bitter sweet.  This will be our last year to stay in this house and I will miss my garden here terribly.  I will have to start all over again in the  new home since it doesn't have plants/flower in it.   The thing I will mostly is is the  vegetable garden here.  I got used to canning   tomato sauce  and I haven't buy any tomato  sauce ever since I started canning.
 I love when Spring comes because flowers just add colors to our surrounding.
 I am glad that there is also a crab apple tree in front of  the new house.
 When this tree blooms though, the kids don't want to be around it because a swarm of bumble  bees feast in it.
 I love when the flowers are starting to fall and there's wind, it looks like it's snowing in the backyard.  What I love about it most is the smell!
 The birds do enjoy it too.  I haven't put  bird's seed in the backyard yet but they hang around  in the backyard all day long.
I will dig out some butterfly bushes from my backyard and plant it in the new home.  We have to  put up a fence foirst before I can start gardening out there.

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