Monday, May 23, 2016

Almost Done with our Flooring Project

After three weeks of  working on the house, we finally  finished sanding all the wood floors.  Sanding all of it was the hardest part.  We underestimated how much time it would take to do it but  glad it is done.  Here are the  sanded wood floors,  here is how it looks like on it's raw form.
Home Office, originally a  bedroom with a closet and  half bath.
Home Office
Dining Room
Dining Room
Living Room
 Stairs to the second floor.  
The hallways upstairs, we removed the  railing for a while.
Guest room with a walk-in closet
the other side of the guest room
Rylie's  bedroom
Walk in closet to Rylie's bedroom
Master Bedroom
Master bedroom's  Bathroom
Master's bedroom - window side
EJ's bedroom
EJ's bedroom 
Now that all that sanding is done, hubby started  staining last Friday and was able to  finished yesterday.  I did not help him do this  process because I concentrated on cleaning the walls and getting rid of all the dusts inside the house!  
 Now that stain is in the floors, we can see all the imperfections in it, scratches that the  sander failed to smooth out but it's okay.
 All the rooms, hallways, and closets are stained , now we wait  for it to  fully dry and we will start applying the polyurethane on it as a finall stage.  
I was hoping for a lighter color than this but hubby liked a darker color so  this one is okay.  Polyurethane stinks so  we will have to wear a respirator to do it.  I hope that we could finish this within this week,  keeping my finger's crossed.  We were looking forward on moving  this Memorial weekend but  it is unlikely to happen.  We will see.

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Rhodesia said...

I have to agree with you I would have gone for a lighter colour but this will show the dirt less!! You have really done a lot of work, I know how difficult it is sanding floors and we have not got nearly as much as you!! Most of ours is tiled. You will be very happy to move in I am sure. Take care Diane

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