Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Piano Practice Today

School is  closed again  today due to icy  road condition. It is snowing again and it's getting so cold.  I know that Spring is just around the corner but I am not sure if Winter will  let us enjoy that with the crazy weather we been having everyday.  I can't wait till snow is gone and we can all enjoy the outdoors again.  My indoor plants definitely need  more sunlight than what  they are getting now.  I am very surprised that my tropical plants, pineapple and avocado (not in the picture) are doing great indoors.
Anyway, I will let my kids practice piano after we eat breakfast.  Meanwhile, I am looking at this roland electric drums online and wonder if my son would ever be interested  in instruments like this.  I am just so glad that his interest with piano is revived.  He is doing good now considering that he has only been back to his lessons for 4 hours.  Below is  a short video I  recorded yesterday when he was  practicing.  Wait at the last part to see my goofy girl dancing lol.

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