Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Teacher's Day

Once a year, the  Catholic schools celebrates School Spirit Week where they do different  activities such as   Student ?Day, Teachers, Day, Open-House,m and the likes.  The teachers give their  students treat on student's day and parent's would often  serve Sundae's for them,  The students  can bring something for their teachers during  Teacher's day as well.
 My daughter  bought this heavy duty stapler for her teacher because she said that  they always go to the office to use a stapler.  Hubby and I were hesitant to get this because it's not a usual thing that you get for your teacher but  glad that  our daughter insisted because she said that the teacher loved it.
 Our son, whose teacher love gardening, got this  flower on a pot.  He write a message on a small piece of  paper  and stick it in the pot.
Teachers in private school doesn't get paid  much compared to  teachers in public school.  They deserve every little thing that we can give for them.  We appreciate all their hard work in helping us mold our children into good citizens.  I love that patriotism and  religion is still a big part of the curriculum in  private/catholic/christian schools.

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