Friday, March 6, 2015

Recycling Empty Boxes into Storage and Organizer

So I have been saving my BeautyBox5 cute boxes because I was thinking of making my son a storage and organizer for his  toy car collection.  Today however, I  saw the ductTape that I bought a few months ago and though, maybe I should make this boxes into  an organizer for my  cosmetics and stuff in my dresser and that's what I did.  
 I also used the box I got from Influenster and made into  Ms. Burrito's hair accessory box using the same pattern of  ductTape.
 Now it would be a lot easier for me to locate things such as  tweezers, nail cutters, nail polishes, and other things.
 I bought this beauty storage box  via amazon but  it wasn't enough to organize my stuff.
 Now I have a space for everything.
 I will continue to save the boxes because I want to  make one for  crayons,  coloring pens, and other arts and craft supply of my kids.
 Daughter suggested I should use some of her broken hair  accessories.
 I still have to finish my  cereal boxes project that I made for  filing my kids school papers and bills.

Empty boxes could be useful if you recycle them into something you could use around the house.  

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Alli Smith said...

I need to start saving my boxes ASAP. I'm always in need of extra storage and this is a brilliant way to get it done. I'm also a duck tape fanatic and I've got several really cute rolls on hand. I'm expecting an influencer box any day now. It would be perfect to reuse for this.

brook devis said...

this is absolutly an amzing way to use these empty boxex. i also use them to keep my makeup in order.there are many ways actually to recycle empty boxes and we should use all that idea. we can actally also save money :)

Tiffany C said...

What a great idea! Those are adorable! I always need storage containers, this is such a frugal and green way to make some at our home. Thanks so much for sharing. I never would have thought of such a simple solution!

Breanna said...

What a great idea! I definitely need to save this idea for later. I'm huge into organization and this is such an inexpensive way to stay organized! Great idea!

Cara (@stylishgeek) said...

Oh wow! It feels good to know I'm not the only repurposing stylish-looking boxes! I do that too because I feel bad if I throw something attractive away. And to date I have used them to organize the little things in my office. Thanks for sharing what you have done. It is so lovely! :)

Krystal Butherus said...

You are so creative! I need to get organized and this is an easy way to start. I would have NO excuses since these bins are available already in my dumpster! ;) I need to get started asap. I get overwhelmed when I'm surrounded by clutter.

Lauren Richardson said...

I am a huge fan of storage boxes! I haven't seen these ones before but they look like they work great! I love all of the fun designs too!!

Miranda Myrabev said...

I absolutely love what you have done with the cereal boxes so clever and very creative, I have been keeping my love me beauty boxes since I started getting them and use them a lot to store my cosmetics and jewellery and other things I want out of sight since they have cute lids on them.

Sam Sly said...

Those are some really useful and creative ideas. It is great that you found a way to reuse and to reduce your waste. The cosmetic organizer you made is really cute. I need to do a little organizing myself, bookmarking for future reference!

Yona Williams said...

Oh wow…you've really made the most out of your recycled boxes. I like saving the large-size Truvia boxes to reuse. They are sturdy and come with this little lip that pulls down, so it really makes for a nice storage space. Right now, I have one on top of my microwave to hold my miscellaneous drink mixes and tea bags. Very cool about turning cereal boxes into paper holders.

Victoria said...

This is a great idea. I may have to give this a try. It would make the cabinet under my sink less cluttered. I have so much stuff under there and I need a better way to organize it.

Ria C said...

That's a very nifty idea sis! It's great to recycle boxes that are sturdy enough to be magazine holders, in/out tray, cosmetics' box and so much more. Great job with the project!

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