Friday, February 13, 2015

Love Pop Cards

Hey there everyone, how was the kick off of your Love-Month?  We had a blast  sled riding yesterday before we watched the superbowl game.  I was  going to write about this love pop cards that I received for review but my husband poured me a glass of wine and  invited me to watch the game with him. We ended up cheering  for the two teams, he cheered for the Seahawks while I cheered for the Patriots.  Anyway, congratulations to the Patriots, they really benefited to the huge mistake made by the Seahawks.
Anyway, back to these gorgeous  Love Pop cards, I am so thrilled to have these because my husband would definitely love this.  He is the type who is never  thrifty in buying cards for me.  He would  take his time to find the most  meaningful card that  has  what his heart says.  I am glad that these  cards are perfect for my Sweetheart!
Love, love, love this heart shaped pop-up.  The details is so intricate.  I so admire the two lovely people that are behind these  beautiful creations!  Their creativity is superb.  I love how they conceptualized these cards and how it started, I love the story on how it all started.  You can buy this card for $8 at their website, just follow the link I have provided above .  It is under the  Love category.
This is the card that I would  give to my husband this Valentine's day.  I will keep you posted if his heart pops out, lol.  Kidding aside, I am sure that he would love this.  I just need to put  my own words into it and  it would  be so perfect!
Another  card  that I received is this Lovers in a Dogdwood tree.
This would be  great to give  for wedding or anniversaries.
Here's the pop up when you open the card.  Isn't that beautiful?  This reminds me of the  fun days that  hubby and I together our kids in Korea.  This is a  Valentine-themed card but I am planning to give this to my Sweetheart on our anniversary!  
I wish I have the creativity to make lovely cards like this, it would be nice!  I will be showing this to my daughter because she love  making simple pop up cards,  She watches videos on youtube and make cards for us.  She would be inspired by this!
Shadow Shots
Aside from the lovely  cards above, I also got two of the sailor-themed card which is perfect for my retired-navy husband.  Now this would be perfect to give on Veteran's day and Independence day.
That's the front of the card and below are the corner details of the cards inside.

When you opened the card, this  beautiful ship stands out.
I am sure that this will spark beautiful memories of my husband's  sailor days.
Here's another design of the other card.  It has the anchor and the compass om it.  

I love both  designs of these ships.  Reminds me  when  my family would go for a walk  by the Korean military base by the water.  
At the back of the card, you will see  their website's url.  It also  said that these cards are "Lovingly Made in Vietnam".  I would definitely recommend this to our neighbor whose husband is a Vietnam veteran.
Thanks a lot Love Pop for taking care of my special occasion this year!  Now I know where to get extra special cards for my love ones!  Advance happy Valentine's to you all.  I highly recommend you check out Love Pop for some beautiful cards  to give to your  special someone.  They have so many to choose from for different occasion!

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15 Smart Readers SAID::

Nova said...

Very crafty and handy, love this kind of cards for the upcoming 14th...

Jess Benoit said...

WOW! These pop cards are absolutely gorgeous! I usually keep any cards from the hubs and kids but these are definitely worth keeping. Great pics, too. :)

MikiHope said...

Those really are beautiful cards and are different from any I have seen anywhere! I am going to have to go and check out that site.

papaleng said...

wow! so cute naman ng card na yan. The designs are very creative. Just perfect for this Heart Day to give.

Cherry said...

galing ng pagkakagawa! love the intricate details.

Lynndee said...

I love pop-cards. They are so darn cute. My husband takes his time too and put so much effort in getting me a card. I am more into the DIY type. LOL. But after seeing those, I will go check it out.

Maria Teresa Figuerres said...

Those Love Pop Cards are so nice, especially the Korean-themed one. I would love to receive one from either hubby or son.

FX777222999 said...

Nice idea for cards and really great for family, friends and loved ones. Lately, I prefer virtual cards in sending for my friends online.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

Those cards are super duper cute! It even has a pop-up inside.

Unknown said...

I'm definitely going to check out Love Pop cards because I want to give something different to my hubby and even my in-laws. Yes I give to my in-laws LOL.

P.S. I'm also happy that the Patriots won hehehe

Dave, Amy and Jace said...

OMG. those are so neat. I love them!>

Unknown said...

Wow! Those are really amazing. I'd love to have some of these for my friends and family. Very beautiful cards!

Nonnie said...

lots of thought, time, and love goes into these exquisite cards! I especially love the one where the lovers are sitting on the swing- sweet shadow.

Amber Trievel said...

Oh my! I absolutely love the dogwood one! That is so pretty! These look beautiful and so unique

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

I think these cards could easily be renamed: Love Shadows Card!


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